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I've been stung by the J-knife bee. Would appreciate some brand and model suggestions, as well as if you have read some nice resource around the subject, I'd like to look into it too.

We only own a couple Japanese knives at the moment, a MAC bread knife and a Santoku the GFs parents brought from Japan. It's a VG10 60-61 HRC:


I'm not sure yet about the models, but I want to add some 2-3 I think now. Trying to find a slicing knife for sure, maybe a Sujihiki? It has the double bevel which I'm accustomed to, so it seems safe choice. How are the single beveled ones? I found the Miyabi Black 5000MCD 67, it looks pretty good to me, but would like your alternative suggestions too?


I understand the Miyabi is a very hard knife, so I'd not abuse it, it would be mostly for boneless meat and fish. I'm actually a bit on the fence if it even makes sense to buy a knife of this hardness, what is your opinion? Sadly they only make it in the 24cm, could maybe use a longer one like 27cm perhaps, but the 24cm seems quite versatile still?

I would like a more general purpose knife too, so maybe not quite as hard as the Miyabi not to chip it? What model would it be, a Gyuto or Nakiri, is there some other gems? Perhaps some hand made stuff.

Why Misono UX10 hollow ground is so much more expensive than the regular UX10, LOL Halp.

Budget could be up to 400eur or so per knife for the grand jewel knife and the rest a bit more affordable. The budget is not set in stone though.

MIYABI 24cm Sujihiki Knife MIYABI 5000MCD 67 240 mm

24cm Sujihiki Knife - The Japanese Sujihiki knife is a true all-rounder and an added attraction to your kitchen. This long 24 cm sharp knife is produced...

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