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Japanese knife question - Rusting

TNT Adventures | Oct 26, 201110:51 AM

I received a Japanese knife from some friends that live in Japan as a gift. I honestly don't know much about knives or Japanese knives for that matter.

I had a question about rusting on this particular knife. This knife seems to rust really easily. If I don't wipe dry immediately and put on some type of oil. ( I have been using mineral oil.)

Why does it rust so easily? Inexpensive knife? Any way to prevent this?

The knife is interesting in that some things it will slice through very easily, while others like an apple it doesn't slice through easily. I think it has something to do with the way the knife was made. Looks as though there are pounding marks on the top part of the knife and then the knife was sharpened and smoothed only on the blade part of the knife.

I attached some pictures.

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