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"Jana Valley" butter


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"Jana Valley" butter

Sir Gawain | Dec 1, 2003 07:36 PM

I found this butter at the Brooklyn Heights Garden of Eden. This is the finest butter produced in the Czech Republic, and I'd recommend that you butterheads give it a try, if only to see what it's like - I know some people have posted about it before, but they only tried it at a restaurant (in California I think.) It might not be everyone's butter ideal, but it's quite different from both the good domestic brands like Plugra and Vermont Butter and Cheese Co., as well as the more common European kinds (Lurpak, whose appeal I could never fathom - tastes sour to me, and the commonly available French butters.)

Here's what it's like:

Color: pure white (French tends to be yellowish)
Aroma: pure, creamy, extremely subtle, neutral
Taste: extremely clean creamy taste, with no nuttiness (which Plugra has) or that slight "cultured" tang that some other butters have.

All in all, it's a purist's butter; I guess I still might have a slight preference for some of the more "flavorful" butters for spreading on my bread by itself, but this is absolute creamy purity (no flavorings and colorings, of course). Works extremely well when combined with other toppings, when all you want is a smooth layer of neutral creaminess to bring out the flavor of whatever is on top.

I forgot the price, but it was under $4 I think. I'd be curious to hear what you think (BTW, I have no affiliation with the producer or importer whatsoever.)

(Also BTW: The name means nothing, there's no "Jana Valley" in the Czech Republic, the butter is sold as "South Bohemian 1st Quality Butter" over there.)

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