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shellymck | Oct 30, 2004 11:31 AM

We had dinner last night at Jackie's and I was not bowled over. Even though they are obviously still getting up and running I think I'll save my money for Wheaton's ethnic restaurants.

The decor is a bizarre combination of 70s colors like hot pink and lime green and urban grunge, an hommage to the building's past as an auto repair place. The place was nearly full at 8 on a Friday night and I found it too loud and not relaxing for the end of the week. Also, one pet peeve of mine is those open ductwork ceilings such as Jackie's has. Rarely cleaned, they are unhygenic dust magnets and the idea of eating underneath them skeeves me out. There are some booths but we were seated at the long bench seat which had its tables so tightly packed together that major shifting was required by nearby tables to enter and exit. The bar was completely packed.

I went in expecting slow service and that's what we got. There was a 30 minute wait between the first and second courses but this is forgivable a few days after opening. Servers were friendly and smiling.

We split the battered veggies and parsley sauce. Veggies were not as crisp as I would have liked--perhaps they sat a bit?--and could have used a wedge of lemon but sauce was yummy. Portion included two each of cauliflour, sweetpotato and broccoli. My husband had the Saturday special of cioppino which was chock full of nice seafood, came with a garlic toast and a nice broth. My salt encrusted rockfish on the other hand was a disaster. The filet arrived broken, messy and gray alongside white parslied potatoes (pommes de terre risolees really as they were seared and sauteed rather than boiled) on a white plate. It was a very ugly presentation without a bit of color. When I asked what had happened to the fish the server explained that the salt crust is removed and the fish is deboned before serving. While the fish was moist I found it gamey tasting and bland. With no crust there was nothing other than plain white fish, no sauce, no herbs, nothing. We didn't order dessert as the menu was entirely composed of ice cream concoctions.

I wish the owners luck and hope more restaurants like this open but for the moment I'm happier paying half the price for better food elsewhere in the area.

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