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Itinerary/restaurant advice for Piemonte, Milan, Modena, and Verona Nov 2019

bigjppop | Oct 16, 201902:34 AM     18

Good morning Chowhound Italy lovers. I'm getting ready for a my upcoming trip to Italy (early November 2019). I'll have about 7 days total and my primary reason for traveling is eating and drinking in/around Piemonte. I'm a fairly regular visitor to Italy but this will be my first trip to Piemonte. I'll be traveling with my younger brother and it will be his first trip to Italy.

I was hoping for a quick sanity check on my plan and any advice if I've missed any great opportunities. I'm not a huge seafood lover, that is my only real dietary restriction.

Day 1: Milan. Plane comes in very early from Berlin (where I live so no real time difference) and I'll have all of this day to explore Milan. Planning for an Aperitivo experience in the evening but also open to a great restaurant. We'll be spending the night here. My brother is a huge coffee lover so if you've got a favorite spot, we're all ears. Honestly Milan is a pit stop on the way to Piemonte but we want to make the most of it.

Day 2: We'll spend half the day in Milan, pick up a rental, then head for our Agritourismo located in Barolo. I still have an open slot for dinner here. Guido Ristorante and Tre Case are both within a few minutes of our Agritourismo.

Day 3: Barolo. No idea what we'll do, we want to do some fine tasting, maybe some truffle hunting, visit the truffle festival in Alba. We've got a couple days here. Lunch reservation is confirmed at Osteria Veglio. I'd love a recommendation for more of a light dinner. Maybe a nice wine bar. On either this day or the next we'd love to maybe do some truffle hunting, wine tasting, and/or visit the truffle festival in Alba.

Day 4: Still in Barolo. More exploring. This is a Sunday but we've got lunch reservations at Il Centro. Open for any other ideas for this day. Again, probably a light dinner here; I expect lunch to be excellent and filling.

Day 5: We'll have a liesurly morning before making our way to Modena. I have a friend here and we'll probably try and do a dinner with him Monday evening. Open to suggestions here. My brother really wants to visit Ferrari so we'll do that, maybe the museum, explore the city.

Day 6: We've got lunch reservations at Hosteria Giusti and as soon as we finish that, we'll head towards Verona (at least that is the plan). I've never been to Verona, I've just heard people love it. I'd love a dinner or lunch recommendation here. We'll probably get there late afternoon/early evening.

Day 7: We'll have most of the day to explore Verona before heading back to Milan for a late flight back to Berlin. Flight doesn't leave until almost 2100 that night so we'll have a pretty full day available to us. Any suggestions on places to eat/things to see would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer! There have been some outstanding threads on Piemonte here and I've researched them well. I think I've got some solid restaurants but I'd love some ideas for Modena or Verona. Also really love some tips on vineyards to visit (if possible on a Saturday/Sunday in November) and lighter dinners for days with big lunches.

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