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ISO Vegetarian low carb (keto) in San Francisco (and some recommends from me so far)

mirimin | Oct 3, 201803:13 PM     5

Hi all, wanted to present a tough ask to the Chowhound community: any suggestions for good restaurants where I can eat keto (very low carb) vegetarian.

I've been in SF for a while and have a few standard restaurants where I know I can get something to eat, but wanted to expand the pool. Also wanted to report back from my experience on good keto vegetarian places for those that may be looking for this niche culinary option (the key is going to be mostly salad, dips and cheese - and they have to be able to bring out vegetables for dipping rather than chips/bread). I'm also trying to find an actual low-carb veggie burger other than the impossible burger (it tastes a bit too much like meat for me lulz). Most veggie burgers seem primarily grain or beet-based.

Fast casual:
- Veggie Grill (when will you come to SF??!)
- Sababa - egg and eggplant based veggie options
- Ayola - Superior tzatziki and hummus. Really just delicious.
- Matko - sauces/dressings are a little on the sweet side (e.g. seaweed), but it's a good, customizable option
- Dabba - kind of pricey for what it is, but good optionality
- eatsa - very cheap but food quality also cheap and super salty
- Mixt - no dressing (cheese instead), but kind of bland.
- Sweetgreen - better flavor than Mixt (especially crispy chickpeas!), but limits your modifications to their salads, which is annoying)
- Beloved Cafe (not very fast btw!) - can be hit or miss, but tasty tempeh options if not in a super sweet sauce like it was once. Chipotle aioli is super tasty.
- Oren's Hummus (haven't been to the new location in SF, but the dips in S Bay are on point)
- Plant Cafe - now that the Embarcadero location is closed, this is def fast casual. Pricey, but good options generally. No tempeh anymore though :(
- La Fromagerie - Hello cheese!

Sit down:
- Barcha (worse for vegetarians than it used to be as menu is constantly changing, but generous and varied with veggies for dipping)
- Local kitchen (mostly for the apps)
- surprisingly Marlowe (mostly for the apps, and were very willing to accommodate)
- surprisingly Trestle (obviously the dessert won't work unless it's a cheat day, but the rest, they accommodated very well)
- La Mar (amazing if you're pescatarian, but also surprisingly tasty and good for vegetarians - not AS keto as other options, but a good place if you're otherwise being really strict that day/week)
- Gracias Madre and most Mexican that has actual veggie options as you can just order those on salad. Plus, Guac.
- Most Korean other than bbq/hot-pot (can usually find a tofu soup that's vegetarian and the banchan are delish and usu vegetarian)
- Dish-Dash (in Sunnyvale, but the m'shkaleh was delish and they had a lot of options).
- Samovar - pricey for what it is, but they had tempeh yay!
- Roy's - have a vegetarian menu for dinner, but it's more limited for lunch and the sauce was kind of sweet.
- Rooh - Better for dinner than lunch, but they have some delicious food and a lot of it has paneer and vegetables without requiring grain/bread. etc. I have been to August 51 and like Rooh better.
- Hakkasan - Decent vegetarian mock chicken, but not amazing/worth the hype. Not as easy to customize the provided grain.

Not great options:

- Salt House - understandable, as it's focused on seafood, but the one veggie thing I could eat was a salad where they included goat cheese that had gone bad.
- Saha - didn't like this even before I was keto. They have some vegetarian options but man they don't really taste good.
- Town Hall can be ok based on the salads, but overall very meaty/carby
- Slanted Door - stir fry veggies were meh
- Most Italian/all pizza
- Ardiana (loved it before diet, afterwards meh - dips all sugary sweet)
- Cotogna (mostly pasta/pizza, though the sformatto was delicious)
- Sens - nothing to substitute for bread so I just ate hummus with a spoon :(
- Picnic on Third - very hit or miss, very grain based.
- Prospect - unsurprising, everyone loves this place for their fried chicken.
- Bluestem Brasserie - I like the idea of this place, but none of the food I could eat was good (and back when I could eat it, the mac and cheese was very disappointing)
- Wayfare Tavern - unsurprising, v meat heavy.
- Trou normand - same.
- Boulevard - ok but not great.
- Udupi - don't get me wrong, this is one of the best south indian restaurants in SF. Legit. But most things are carby (and hard to resist b/c delicious, such as the dosas and uthappams).

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