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ISO a specific type of zester ... wide pieces


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ISO a specific type of zester ... wide pieces

jen maiser | Jan 15, 2005 04:06 PM

Below is a msg from my aunt, who is trying to find a specific type of zester for my grandmother. Any thoughts? I usually use an OXO peeler, but I think that she wants something specific to zesting.

"Grandma is looking for a lemon zester that I've struck out trying to find. I tried the type that you got for Christmas [a microplane grater] but it made mush of her lemon rind. Then I got the kind with little holes in the end and that made strips -- but they are too narrow. She wants to have WIDE pieces of lemon for her yams so they become candied, not unrecognizable in the dish. She's thinking of 1/8" - maybe up to 1/4" wide. In the past she has used her old-timey stand-up grater but that goes too deep and gives too much of the white part, which is bitter. Any ideas?"

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