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ISO first-hand experience w/ honey mushroom...


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ISO first-hand experience w/ honey mushroom...

Carb Lover | Dec 29, 2004 01:16 AM

Seems like my CH activity has brought me some interesting karma. Recently queried about mushroom foraging on CA board since I live in Santa Cruz, CA and helpful hound Melanie Wong referred me to the Santa Cruz Fungus Federation ( Went to their website but hadn't had a chance to make contact w/ them.

Other day I'm watering my bamboo plant when I spot a strange-looking growth in a patch of bark. Come closer and notice that a fairly large mushroom patch was sprouting up from the earth. Looks like I didn't have to tread too far from home...

Experienced a visceral kind of thrill realizing that this was growing in my own backyard and that ingesting could mean pleasure or stomach upset...or worse case scenario of death. Looking through a mushroom ID book borrowed from hubby's work ("All That the Rain Promises, and More" by David Arora), we were fairly certain we had a honey mushroom patch on our hands. Called the "fungus hotline" and spoke to a helpful man who confirmed that it was likely the honey mushroom. See link for picture.

Book and consultant says it is edible, but doesn't sound like a delicacy on the masutake or even chantarelle level...oh well. Consultant said to blanche first and then saute, maybe use in stew. Patch has def. grown over past few days and not sure if I'm going to actually use stems since we've had heavy rains lately, but curious if any hounds have encountered or eaten this variety of mushroom before? Mainly interested in first-hand experiences or info I can't get w/ google...thanks!


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