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ISO great espresso in Detroit (dtw)


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ISO great espresso in Detroit (dtw)

gan911 | Aug 14, 2011 10:43 AM

Yea, so I've tried caribou, goldfish tea, and bean and leaf....none of them know how to properly pull a shot of real espresso. Bean and leaf was probably the worst offender, with the barista giving me a double espresso in a cappuccino glass. None of them had the thickness of a properly pulled shot, nor the required crema. I'm not asking for a seattle-level espresso, just a reasonably good pulled shot. I mean if they have a semi-automatic machine with a good grinder, its not too much to ask for right?

1. fill to top and level off
2. tamp (i think this is where most places do not put enough pressure on the grinds...bc things come out WAAAAY too soupy)
3. pull (approx 30 seconds)
4. enjoy.

so if its close to d/t royal oak, it'd be very helpful...if not, i'll see if i can properly teach the guy at bean and leaf to do it, because i don't think the aspirations of caribou are very high...

on the plus side, there's pretty good vietnamese coffee if i am willing to drive 5 miles for it....

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