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ISI Whipped Cream Mishap


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ISI Whipped Cream Mishap

thimes | Jan 17, 2013 04:06 PM

Maybe . . . hopefully. . . this has happened to someone else . . . .

I don't use my ISI whip creamer all that often but friends invited us over for a dinner party and I brought the dessert. So, rather than hand whipping at someone else's house I chose to bring the whipped cream in the ISI.

I noticed it in the fridge today and decided to discharge it and clean out the remaining whipped cream - as it is still January and I'm trying not to eat whole canisters of whipped cream this year . . .

I discharged the gas, it seemed like there was much less remaining in the canister than I thought there should be - but, no more gas was coming out and when I shook the canister there I couldn't feel any cream shaking around.

So I unscrewed the top and . . . . . POP . . . . whipped cream all over me, my kitchen cabinets, the kitchen window, and even on the ceiling. . . . I tried to take a picture but you can't appreciate the carnage in the pictures.

The only think I can think of is that this time I'm pretty sure I used non-homogenized cream (which is what I prefer in whipped cream, but maybe have never used in an ISI before), so I wonder if the cream separated in the ISI and the fat essentially formed a plug at the top of the ISI - stopping the gas from passing through . . . . .

It looks like a crime scene in my kitchen. I'm taking a minute to recover from the shock before I go clean and since I'm home alone tonight I had to tell someone who might appreciate the scene . . .

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