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Invitation for 2, but 4 are coming


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Invitation for 2, but 4 are coming

maddogg280 | Dec 20, 2007 12:25 PM

Now, I know that as a hostess, I have control over my invitations, but I have a story to relate and would like to see what other hounder's think...
A few weeks back, I invited my very good friend and her mother to join us (me, hubby and FIL) for dinner on Christmas eve at my house. She said she'd talk to her mom and get back to me. When she did, she said that she wanted her brother and aunt to join also and I could feel free to say no if I wanted to. This is made slightly more awkward by the fact that I've never met the aunt and my table (seating for six) will now have to accommodate seven. Now, I know it will all be fine and we'll all get to know each other and it will be a happy and festive evening, but I'm just wondering how others out there would have handled this situation. She's a good friend to me and I couldn't imagine taking back the invitation once I put it out there. The intimate Christmas celebration I had planned is taking on a different tone (do I buy gifts for everyone? what if auntie or brother are picky eaters?) and is making me somewhat nervous. My friend did relate my proposed menu to her mother and there were no comments there other than, "I hope she doesn't expect me to eat an entire cornish hen!"
Or perhaps words of advice?

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