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Ingredients: Exotic/Standard (incl. Mexican)


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Ingredients: Exotic/Standard (incl. Mexican)

Amin (London Foodie '''') | Oct 3, 2005 05:51 AM

Further to my penchant for research, have been going through some previous posts and find that various boards invariably come up with requests for Mexican Ingredients. Those who are familiar with such stuff know about it, yet many of us (myself included) are in unfamiliar territory with much of this exciting variety.

So, let's have a Mexican flavour (but do not restrict only to Mex) of your most favoured ingredient, whether it is something you use frequently or would like to use but don't know much about it -A small explanatory note along with your views would be much appreciated for those of us who are uninitiated in these finer things. If the ingredient being mentioned is say Latin American, Asian, Far Easter, please identify its origin accordingly.


Ancho (is this anchovy ?)
Queso fresco (basically means fresh cheese -is that what it is ?)
Epazote (what is epazote ) ?
Pupusa's (sounds cute -what is it ) ?
Tomallos -let me guess -small tomatoes ?

Surprisingly I have recently been watching these TV programmes by Anthony Bourdain (an NY foodie/hound) who travels all over the place with his NY chef. In one of his programmes he went to his chefs hometown and experienced first hand how they make mole and other salsa's.

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