Induction transition planning - equipment and end use Qs

Russett | Jun 22, 202110:29 PM     14

First post, but having spent weeks poring over the archives here, I'm so grateful to have found such an incredible group of folks and treasure trove of valuable input.
Context: US-based, family of 3, frequent entertainers of larger groups (~6-8 adults). Midway through a full kitchen remodel, having committed somewhat impulsively to induction (20yrs on gas) without having done my normal obsessive researching (blame COVID). New 36" Wolf induction cooktop in the garage waiting to be installed (link below). The new cooktop has 4x 8" (20cm) bridgeable burners with one 10.5" (26cm) burner. Prior batterie was a mix of non-induction compatible and Cast Iron/ECI, and thus we're upgrading. Lastly, we're mid-transition to a predominantly vegetarian diet, and going deeper into stir fries vs. meat and mother sauces.

Big Qs:
1) I want to ditch the non-stick where possible (equal parts health and environmental motivations) and curious about carbon steel performance on induction. I'm mostly concerned about hotspotting and potential warping. Do the Mineral B pans, or others of equivalent thickness perform well and stay flat on induction? As a sidenote, my wife falls in the utilitarian & unfussy camp and thus it's probably not reasonable to expect her to embrace leidenfrost/stainless. Weight is also a concern on her end. Her 11" Woll Diamond Lite frypan has been her constant companion for 5+years.
2) What is the best cookware choice for induction stir fry? I have my eye on a 14" Paderno GG Paella pan as a way to get maximal floor space for even/hot/fast searing, but curious if I'm missing some other option/technique. I often cook 4-6+ portions at a time, thus the desire for surface area. I bought a Paderno Rondeau and don't love the utilitarian finishes, so other alternative recommendations with equal performance and better design would be lovely.
3) Pancake griddle. I had visions of a large square carbon steel griddle over the 4way bridgd burners like the 58cm square Chef King carbon steel, but again, curious if I'm going to regret the uneven-ness or potential warping of a large carbon steel surface area as I try to knock out ~30 pancakes on weekend mornings.

TIA for the feedback!

Wolf 36" Transitional Framed Induction Cooktop (CI365TF/S)

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