Induction cooktop - an unexpected benefit


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Induction cooktop - an unexpected benefit

c oliver | Dec 10, 2013 04:17 PM

I keep meaning to snap a pic when it's at its worst but never think about it. Here's one from today. I was browning lamb in batches in the DO. The already browned meat went into the bowl, spoon for stirring and removing sitting on the cooktop. The broth that got added for braising sitting at the ready. Sure, all that could have been on the counters to each side but I gotta tell ya this is something that I just love. And all the big and little dribbles are on the cooktop to just be wiped off. For everyday cleaning I just use a hot, soapy sponge. Periodically I'll hit it with glass cleaner and every once in a great while I'll use the ceramic cleaner that came with it. When cooking breakfast the warmed plates are sitting right on the cooktop for the eggs to be served onto. This wasn't anything that ever crossed my mind when making the buying decision but it's something that is appreciated every day. Thought I'd share my messy cooktop with y'all.

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