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indian chili powder vs. other chili powders


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indian chili powder vs. other chili powders

stangoldsmith | Jul 14, 2009 09:05 PM

In making curries I assume you use Indian type of chili powder when they call for "chili powder" in the recipes but what is the difference between it and other types of chili powders?

In particular the kind of chili powder you buy in a big tub at the local supermarket in the USA vs the bag of chili powder that says "product of India."

Is it the ingredients? The type of chili pepper? I went into an Indian market and there were tons of different brands of chili powder, some said "extra hot" (how do they make it extra hot? different chilis?)..

And, while on the subject, what is the difference in the types of chilis between Indian food and other food?

Are "thai chilis" different somehow? I recently ate at an Indian buffet in the US and they had what looked liked serrano peppers (is this a big no no in Indian food??).

Very confusing.

Do they make habenero chili pepper powder?

And thank you.

- SG

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