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Does this include local boards?

equal_Mark | Feb 7, 201207:33 PM

Got this message today:

Subject: IMPORTANT! You must take action by 3/20

Dear equal_Mark,

Over the next weeks we'll be retiring the CHOW Restaurant pages. That means that all Restaurant Pages, Quick Reviews, CHOW Lists, and the "Been There / Wanna Go" lists will no longer be available on the site.

We understand the effort that many users put into these features, and while we can't continue to host them, we do want you to be able to keep your content.

So we've created a tool that allows you to download and save your content. You can find it on your user profile page. (Click on your username to get there.) You'll see an "Export My Data" tab; follow the directions to download reviews and lists.

This feature will only be active until 3/20. So please -- export your data as soon as you can.

The CHOW Team

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