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First Impressions- reliable?


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First Impressions- reliable?

Kevin | Jul 1, 2004 01:39 PM

I replied to an earlier thread below about olive oil, but changed the subject at the end and thought I'd statr a new thread:

I don't have the most refined palate at all, but I recently went to a fairly expensive, well-bred restaurant where they served sourdough with olive oil. The combo was pretty awful and made the meal a little jarring, all in all. I decided at that moment that I wouldn't return.

On the other hand, a so-so-reviewed restaurant served the most wonderful sunflower bread with creamy butter, which "adjusted" my tastebuds to look for more subtle flavors in the following courses. The meal was great!

First impressions mean alot to me- does anyone else have opinions on this topic in general? I'd like to prove to my friends that I'm not a weirdo for my quick-judgements.... :)

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