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How important is wine to food?

zooxanthellae | Nov 1, 201110:56 AM

I don't drink, never have and don't plan to. Part of it is that I generally don't like drinking things: soda, coffee, juice, etc. just don't do anything for me. The other is that family members have had some issues with alcoholism so, from a genetic standpoint, I see no reason to start.

Having said that, how important would you say drinking is to eating? I have certainly seen a great deal of fuss made over wine pairings, with the cost of the wine sometimes outweighing the cost of the food. Does it really make food that much better, or is it just a nice thing to have? I.e., when a person drinks some nice wine with some nice food (technical terms here) how much better does the wine make the food? Is it just that the food and wine are nice together or that the wine makes the food go from good to great? And how much of this is just the alcohol's physical effect?

Thanks for any responses to what is, I'll admit, a pretty convoluted question.

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