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How Important to You is Pronunciation? (vis-a-vis Food)

cayjohan | Jan 27, 200812:47 AM

I live in the Midwest, and consequently pronounce "casserole" as "hot-dish." <g>

Still. I prefer to call a dish what it is in its native language insomuch as I can. The paella is pronounced in the Spanish (more typical, I admit), the Finnish dishes I make are pronounced in the native tongue as well, and I happily gurgle out in my first -year German those dishes in that idiom. And on and on.

Are we who do this elitist (I have been accused of this)? I find that the original name of the dish, in whatever tongue, is so very descriptive, I wish to use it. So I do. Is this something Chowhounds do, or am I being ridiculous?

Maybe paella is chicken-shrimp-(whatever)-hotdish-with-peas.

How do you describe a dish outside your immediate ethnicity or your guests' experience? Or, do you have to?

So curious,

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