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Impermanence in Cooking by Adam Goldgell [moved from Outer Boroughs board]

adam goldgell | Aug 31, 201306:52 AM

For thousands of years Buddhist Monks have a ritual of creating super elaborate sand paintings called Mandalas. It takes days to create by a few monks who are working day and night . The lines and designs are so intricate they use small straws to place every grain of colored sand just in the place it belongs. They are magnificent when completed.

Here is the best part. After days of this tedious process they destroy them. They run their hands and feet thru them, make a pile of muddy sand, and throw it in the ocean. It is a lesson in impermanence. Things come and go. They change every moment. People, things, everything.

Whenever I see this process I think of cooking. I think of my life in the kitchen. Intricate preparations. Sometimes days of planning, a whole team of people to execute them. Then taking all this work and in minutes feeding people. Hopefully they're enjoying what they're eating. Just as fast as the sands change in a Mandala...the food is gone. Into the mouth out the other end. Just like that. Creating something tasty. Something that looks good and is nourishing... and bam it's gone. Back into the ever continuing cycle. Sand getting tossed into the ocean.

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