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Imperial No. 9- Not good


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Imperial No. 9- Not good

twan55 | Jun 4, 2011 11:56 PM

Had dinner there tonight against my better judgment, and man was it not good. Not horrendous, but not good, either- which, for the price, is kind of horrendous.

First off, it was our 10th wedding anniversary (which they were aware of) and we had an early dinner (6:15) and the room was mostly empty yet they sat us at the worst table in the room, right next to another couple who were- like us- clearly not happy to have two people in their space. I know how restaurants work, and if it was full- or on the way to being full- I would've understood- but it wasn't. I didn't say anything, which is my fault, but Christ why seat us there in the first place?

Anyway- we ordered a couple of cocktails, which were o.k. I guess- and then came the food. The cauliflower fritters were greasy and gross and served with a disgusting hollandaise-like sauce, which stank. Then came a half-dozen oysters which were- well- oysters, not too bad, I guess.

The first main was king crab legs- which were bland, and drenched in some kind of sauce that just sapped the life out of what- on its own, simply steamed and served with melted butter- is one of the most delicious foods on earth. The way they made it it was just- bland.

The second was scallops- which were o.k.- nicely done and tasty- but honestly, it's hard to f__k up scallops. The clams they were served with were rubbery and the broth the dish was drenched in was disgusting- some kind of bacon-based nonsense that tried to ruin a nice scallop.

I guess you could say that the food got in its own way- if that makes any sense.

The service was nice, the room nice, in an ABC Home and Carpet Cafe-kind of way. Anyway, we left disappointed. I would say it's a nice place for drinks but dinner was just bad.

The reviews on Yelp nailed it- but I don't trust Yelp normally. In this case, I should've. I trust Chowhound more than anything- but there was nothing on here about it (at least that I could find). Maybe that should've told me something.

Anyway, all in all it wasn't catastrophic- but it was pretty bad, and I would NOT recommend it.

In fact, I'll bet if some of you people ate what I ate you'd be a lot harsher than I'm being.

Imperial No. 9
9 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013

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