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ONE is NOT enough... IMO

kseiverd | Jun 20, 201211:14 AM

My kitchen isn't huge but not minute either. Counter top is in almost constant state of clutter. Found a few BIG, pottery crocks a few years back that now hold all my cooking implements... things that used to be in 1-2 " junk drawers... easy access now.

There are a few things that I think just ONE is NOT enough... and don't care if some think I have WAY more than necessary. One of these things is wooden tools... probably have a dozen different wooden tools. Probably have 6+ whisks... from smallish ones face for non-stick pans to a BIG balloon whisk. Have several (maybe 8 or so) spatulas & "spoonulas"... some very flexible silicone, some more rigid, some smaller/narrower spreaders. Think my SIL actually has only ONE of each in her kitchen??

Have way more bowls than I probably need... a "vintage", avocado green, 3-piece, Pyrex set... was a wedding gift MANY years ago. Have a 4 piece set that were found one at a time at yard sales... each looking like they had rarely been used.

I'd rather end up with a dishwasher full of things than have to wash the same thing several times while cooking.

What do you have that some might say you have TOO much of?

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