Need help identifying mandarins on my tree! (Bay Area)

bgbc | Mar 7, 201002:48 PM

I've been struggling to identify the mandarins on a tree in my yard and wonder if anyone out there can help...

When ripe, they're a golden orange with deeper orange and lightly textured dimples all over. The fruit is pale orange in color, seedless, not very pithy and moderately juicy. On the bottom of the fruit is an indented ring -- as if someone pressed a small finger ring into the skin and it left an indentation.

The skin is tight and can't be peeled off in a single piece. It reminds me of the mandarins I ate growing up: it comes off in little chunks, almost crumbly versus the easy-to-peel Cutie mandarin skin.

The peel is nice and fragrant rather than sweet. It smells a little like the mandarin elements of a Rangpur lime.

The tree is pretty old, at least 50 years in age, and the rootstock bark smooth with lightly etched lines across the trunk and main branches. The leaves are narrow and quite pointed. In 08 the fruit was ripe in November-December; this time round it's only getting ripe now...

Thanks -- any pointers would be wonderful!

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