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Help me identify these Russian Foods


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Help me identify these Russian Foods

MaspethMaven | Feb 1, 2007 06:32 PM

Went to the home of a new friend for a family party. Was promptly force fed by her delightful family all variety of foodstuffs, isome of which I recognized, others I did not. I asked for the Russian nams of many things, but did not get an answer. Can someone help me figure this out?

dishes include:=

-manti (is this pork, beef, a mix of the two, or pork and veal?)
-"black caviar" a mild, briny, mellow roe spread on brown bread absolutely SLATHERED with salted butter (is there a Russian style butter? It was richer than any butter I ever had, and VERY pale in color),
-meat pie. I think it was referred to as pierogi, but this was not like Polish pierogi at all. It was more or less a large stuffed bread with a flaky crust, cut into large wedges, eaten out of hand and served room temperarture.
-Crudite with runny sour cream (explained as "Russian sour cream, better than American" Whats the cream called
-Assorted charcuterie: sausages-dark red in color with large cubes of fat running throughout, as well as a pinkish one that reminded me of bologna or mortadella, but more subtle.
-Smoked salmon
-smoked whitefish or sablefish large flat slices, the length and thickness of country bacon.
-some kind of potato salad with pickes, egg, peas and carrots(?) in a yellow dressing
-some kind of chopped salad featuring celery
-"apple pie" which looked a little like strudel

I'd love the names of this stuff so I can buy it on my own some time.

thanks in advance, everyone

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