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Vegetables Help Me Identify

Can somebody help me identify this delicious vegetable?


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Can somebody help me identify this delicious vegetable?

kitchenprof | Jul 20, 2009 11:57 PM

I still don't know that what this plant is, but I can't get enough of it!

In the last couple years I've gotten in the habit of shopping at the Asian grocery stores out in Elmhurst, Queens. And the incredible array of vegetables, condiments and sauces has really made cooking a blast. And every time I bring something home I've never had before.

Sometimes the signs on the vegetables are in English. Often they're not. When I'm not sure what I'm buying at one particular market, I watch the screen as they ring it up and see what they call it. This particular one is identified as "sun choy" on their system. However, searches on the web using this name or "sun choi" have been pretty fruitless thus far.

I believe it's a brassica, and probably from tropical or subtropical Asia. It tastes more like a water plant. It's rich and a little slimy when you crunch into the stems. And I think it tastes fantastic. Sort of like a combination of okra, spinach and Chinese broccoli.

I'm still experimenting with it. But the stalks are interesting in a stir fry (with shrimp paste or belecan and some shallots and garlic for example) and in quick noodle soups. And the leaves add a rich foundation as part of the greens in a salad. And you could certainly blanch this stuff and just toss a little olive oil or butter on it. Plenty of flavor.

Anyway, I really love this stuff and I'd like to learn more about it. Anyone have a clue?

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