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Ideas to improve kitchen set-up?

Dracodl | Jan 30, 2010 07:12 AM

I have a 1-bedroom condo with a smallish kitchen (see pictures) and an even smaller budget ($200 of "play money" a year if lucky). I'd love suggestions to hang my knives and arrange the kitchen in a more efficient way. Currently my cast iron stuff lives inside the oven and have to move the wok every time I need to cook. Also, because I hate splatters on the wall, I don't use the burners close to it... Which makes my kitchen range as useful as a portable 2-burner camping stove, darn!
My ceiling is concrete and the opposite side walls are drywall. One of them is occupied with the microwave/cooking book cart and folding table. The other could hold a metal grid to hook the gadgets on...
I live in the east end of Toronto, Canada.

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