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Ideas for a Brown Bag Breakfast

RelishPDX | Feb 27, 2012 09:46 PM

I'd appreciate it if I could pick your brains for a moment.

Later this week I'm doing a sleep test, and if they don't find anything remarkable, I'll be held over for a daytime sleep test. Instructions from the clinic say I need to pack breakfast, lunch and snacks to hold me until 4pm, and that I must eat a filling breakfast and lunch so that hunger doesn't skew the results.

Lunch and snacks, no problem. Got those covered with a sandwich I'll make on site plus cheese and crackers. But breakfast? I've never packed a breakfast before, so that's got me a bit stumped. I could just do Cheerios, blueberries and milk, but don't think that'll hold me while I sit there bored all morning.

No deliveries or running out for to-go items are allowed, whatever I eat has to be brought in the night before (has to do with them doing a drug screen upon check-in, and if they allowed visitors or patients to leave during the tests, it could compromise the protocols). Cooking facilities are limited to their fridge and microwave.

The pamphlet I was given suggested bringing in one of those frozen breakfast entrees, but I think I'd rather starve than eat micro'd scrambled eggs. I pretty much enjoy all of the standard breakfast items. French toast came to mind, it's easy to prepare and pack into a container, but would probably end up dry and unappetizing once it's reheated.

What do you think? Thanks in advance for your input.

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