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I Had NO IDEA There Was So Much Sodium, Fat, HFCS In This!


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I Had NO IDEA There Was So Much Sodium, Fat, HFCS In This!

monavano | May 19, 2009 08:41 AM

The other day, I gathered ingredients to make a delicious paella at home for guests. I decided to consult several recipes for ingredients and preparation methods. I decided to use clam juice to boost the flavor of my paella, but when I looked at the label of my bottle, I was SHOCKED at what I saw! Each serving of clam juice had 70 mg of sodium, and the 8 oz. bottle (or there abouts) had 16 servings in it! Let me see.....that's A LOT of salt!
I used the clam juice, but used absolutely no other salt (which is unusual for me to not flavor as I go along), and the end product was very good. But, thank goodness I read that label.

I've watched numerous food shows use clam juice, and they just pour it in with no mention of how salty it can be--so be very careful when you use this. Depending on the brand, you could be adding over a day's worth of salt to your dish.

Another recent shocker I got was when using a can of sloppy joe sauce. On days when I'm just lazy, I occassionally reach into the pantry for help. Well, I'm seriously reconsidering doing this blindly. My can of sloppy joe sauce had 800 mg of sodium, and 10 grams of sugar per 1/4 cup serving. So, the product is almost 86% carbs, most of which come from HFCS, and well over a day's allotment of sodium.

I threw it out.

I know that I have been trying to eat more healthy, avoid processed foods which are loaded with HFCS, sodium, transfats, other not-good-for-you-fats and artificial flavors and preservatives. And yeah, this significantly restricts many pre-packages, processed, convenience foods.

I'm on a mission to clean out my pantry (within reason) to teach myself a lesson: read the labels more carefully!

What products have you bought, or wanted to buy, have shocked you with how much sodium, hfcs, fat etc they are loaded with? What have you put down, not bought, or simply thrown away because you were so appalled by how unhealthy it is? A "never again" moment?

I don't mean condiments and things that should be used as condiments, such as ketchup and mustard (although, seriously, I need to curb my ketchup intake or make my own!).

ps...I remember years and years ago, I loved to buy little cans of deviled ham and eat it on crackers. I acutally thought I was being healthful and diet-conscious. Until, one day, I read the label on that "little" can and found that it had something like 24 grams of fat. Wow!

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