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Ice cream texture and thawing, note to mzn - long


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Ice cream texture and thawing, note to mzn - long

munster | Aug 20, 2005 11:07 AM

I've made some overwhelming improvements to the texture of my ice cream and picked up some excellent tips from other chowhounds and my new cooking school text book.

I started with a peach sorbet made only with pureed peaches and sugar. Wow! I had been taking my ice creams out of the machine when I thought they looked frozen enough - after about 20 to 30 minutes of churning - to prevent too much overrun. This time I decided to let my machine decide when it was time to stop. It churned for about 50 minutes, and there was very little overrun! It was super creamy. We ate most of it right away, but I froze some as well which after sitting out for about 20 minutes was just as good as out of the machine - not flakey like before and not at all icy. I'm convinced that overrun in such small batches is not a major concern.

According to my textbook, texture is related to the size of the ice crystals and to prevent them from getting too large the product must be quickly frozen and churned WELL. To me that means the ice cream base must be very cold and the machine must be well frozen (I keep my in the freezer all the time). Storage is another issue. It has to be frozen at a temperature below 0 degrees F. Furthermore, it should be brought to a temperature of 8 to 15 degrees F for service. Regarding overrun, it is necessary for good "mouth feel" and for top quality ice cream should be at least 20 per cent.

I also made chowhound mzn's mango cream cheese ice cream. Fabulous. Again I let the machine do its work and tempered prior to serving. The texture was amazing, so smooth and creamy. Thanks mzn. I'm not sure about your oatmeal, but it's been on my mind...

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