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What I did with my ice cream failure

nooodles | Jul 27, 200512:28 PM

I mentioned in a post lower down that I made Carb Lover's Philly style (eggless) ice cream, but substituted strawberries for the peaches she used. Well, something went wrong because my ice cream turned out way too icy. It froze rock hard. I probably used too much fruit and not enough sugar.

I was considering melting it down and starting over, but with all the adding of ingredients necessary for that, I'd end up with almost half a gallon of ice cream. I decided I'd rather move on to other cooking projects. :)

So...when I was doing my other project of pureeing fresh fruit to freeze into fruit ice cubes, it struck me that I always put dairy and sugar in my smoothies. So why not chip the icy strawberry ice cream into chunks, freeze in a ziploc bag, and use it every time I want a frozen blended drink?

It occured to me that this would be a great thing to do with any failed ice cream. So if you're vacillating, get on board! The great thing about ice cream making is that even if you don't achieve perfection, the mix tastes pretty good if you melt it down.

For anyone wondering about my pureeing project: I like do that with leftover fruit that's about to go bad. I always go overboard at the farmers' market (or buy things by the sack to save money), and this way I have bags of fruit cubes to make into smoothies. I usually combine whatever juice I have with fruit ice cubes, and add any fresh fruit that's on hand. A great way to ensure variety even when fresh fruit isn't available or cheap. Since the fruit is frozen, I also don't need to add any ice cubes to achieve smoothie consistency. It makes for a more flavorful drink! Not an earth-shattering discovery, but I thought it might be a useful tip for ice cream makers who struggle with imperfect results (don't we all?)

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