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Ice cream challenge summer: this week something with peaches


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Ice cream challenge summer: this week something with peaches

Nyleve | Jul 14, 2012 09:15 AM

So it started with rhubarb sorbet - which I have already raved about. Then came the fresh mint ice cream with chocolate crackles that just totally knocked our socks off. And a couple of days ago it was an intense coffee ice cream with bittersweet chocolate and coffee bean crackles (maybe too heavy on the coffee beans - next time will make less crackly).

And now the peaches are in. So, needless to say, peaches are tomorrow's flavour du jour. Any socks-knocking-off recipes out there? Some little twist to make an already perfect concept even perfecter? Maple? Honey? Bourbon? (I am in possession of a quantity of my own personal honey and very local maple syrup. I can also get local raspberries and possibly wild black raspberries if I'm feeling energetic.) I also have both sweet and sour cherries (sour ones are frozen).

Also looking toward the future - anything else I need to attempt before ice cream season ends?

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