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ICA: Thanksgiving showdown


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ICA: Thanksgiving showdown

applehome | Nov 16, 2008 10:15 PM

Why, oh why, do these FN clowns keep having celebrity judges that know nothing about food, and are so closed-minded? Tiki Barber is just not suited for this show. Lou Diamond Philips, on the other hand, seems to be really enjoying himself and is obviously quite open to some of the more challenging foods. So I guess that when the producers ask people to be judges, they may not know ahead of time how they're going to react - but maybe they could ask? I never thought I'd say that Donatella is the most knowledgeable judge - but tonight, she is.

It was a good show anyway. Unfortunately, as long as Morimoto keeps insisting on making offal (like duck stomach), he's gonna lose the Tiki's of the world. Me? I'd probably mark down a chef for not serving me something that challenged me, and then left me feeling wonderful about learning a great new dish.

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