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Houston report

Vince | Nov 10, 2003 06:23 PM

Back in Houston again, here's what I ate!

Tacos Acelia(sp?) Taco Truck - located in Korea town around the area of Seoul Garden on Long Point, this is imo, the best taco truck in this area, i got a tasty barbacoa and fajita taco, i always get my tacos with corn tortillas but i asked for flour on the fajita taco and it was very good

Taqueria La Piedra de Sol Taco Truck - i finally got to this elusive taco truck, which is right off gessner and highway 10 in the parking lot of pier 1 imports, i got a desabrada and tinga taco, the desabrada was described as brisket stewed with tomatoes, way too salty, and the tinga taco was ok, so i was a little disappointed in this truck

Carribbean Cuisine - located about the 7000 block of bissonet, got a jamaican patty, coco bread and jerk chicken, i never met a patty i didn't like and it still holds after this place, the patties had a lot of meat in them, but i liked the patty at bluemountain cafe better cuz it was spicier there and there was less dough, the jerk chicken was average, and the coco bread was fresh out of the oven so i had to get one and its a pretty tasty piece of fluffy bread, i actually saw one guy take a patty and shove it into the middle of the coco bread and eat the thing like a sandwhich, i wouldn't go here alone at night because it seems to be a not so safe area

On my way back to the med center from Carribbean cuisine, i noticed quite a few cuban, salvadorean, colombian places on bissonet, i'll try some of them the next time i'm in town, i did walk into one for a pupusa and the prices were rock bottom even for dinner, but my high school spanish classes did me good cuz they didn't speak any english

Truluck's - went there on a monday night for the all you can eat stone crab, you also get all you can eat soup, salads, and side dishes that are present on the menu, of the 3 soups i liked the corn chowder best, the other two soups having too much cream in them, and i liked the spinach and rice sides the best, now for the crabs, they're medium sized claws and they give you 12 initially and then its 3 claws per plate afterwards, i was able to knock down 24 claws, its fairly expensive at $44 and truth be told, i didn't feel like it was worth it, the other day i had gone to central market and got two claws and the meat from those claws was much sweeter and tastier than at truluck's (they were labeled as large claws and were 19.99 a pound and 2 claws were half a pound) wife had the fried shrimp platter which she enjoyed very much and i had one of the shrimp, it was great fried shrimp, her entree was 17.95, which is kinda pricey, i like dunguness crabs best, the meat just can't be beat and you can also eat the tomalley!

El Tiempo Cantina - Mr. Scar, you were right, the best fajitas i've ever had, i got them durango style and the tomato, bacon, jalapeno stew was great as well, my wife got the lump crab and bacon quedasadillas, i felt that these were the real star of the night, she ordered them lite on the cheese and the sweet crab meat goes real well with bacon and cheese, my only complaints (kinda nitpicky): the tortillas could be better, its way too dark in there, i feel the bar dominates the restaurant, yes, we were there on a saturday night but i didn't appreciate the smoke filled haze right when you enter the restaurant and there are some people who just get down right obnoxious in there from the alcohol, but it still has great food and that's what matters most to me

Sartin's - being a chowhound, i had to go here just to try it, i really enjoyed the fried shrimp, bbq crabs and fries, the hush puppies, crab balls and boiled crab claws were forgettable, 17.95 for platter service all you can eat, i must say again that you were right Mr. Scar, not really worth a drive from Houston, but i'm glad i found out about it

New Orleans Poboy - got an oyster poboy, i thought it was great, don't know how authentic it is

Lyndon's - the brisket is ok, the pulled pork sandwhich is very good with soft, buttery pork with a vinegar based bbq sauce (the texas bbq sauce is too sweet imo)

Goode Co. Seafood - got the soft shell crab dinner here, was very disappointed, i felt that the bread crumb coating was way too thick and just overpowered the crab, the coating was akin to a mozzarella stick, it was way too think and i couldn't enjoy the crab at all, does anyone have any reccomendations for a good soft shell crab in houston? i guess i'm more used to the japanese-tempura style batter we get out here in san franicsco

Bibas Greek - great gyros, the meat has great texture with crispy bits and nice greasy pieces

Tony Mandola's - went here for happy hour where they had 25cent oysters, 10 cent shrimp and 4.00 fish and chips, the fish and chips were catfish nuggets in a cornmeal batter and these were very tasty, moist and tender inside, i loved this fish! the oysters were disappointing, they didn't have that sweetness to them that i expect in an oyster and i know they're only 25 cents, but i just had to say it

Steak Kountry Buffet - well, 8.95 for all you can eat roast chicken, loco chicken, roast beef, steak, ham, chorizo, beef ribs, fried chicken, tortillas, was ok, would i go back? no

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