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hot pepper syrup help


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hot pepper syrup help

Betty | Nov 24, 2002 06:48 PM

Back in my cubicle-working days, there was a guy who would look over the wall from time to time and brag about this great condiment he makes that was simply sliced jalapenos in molasses. He never brought any. It's about to freeze here, so I picked the last of my jalapenos and serranos, and sliced them up (pretty small at this point). I put a little molasses in a pan, not too much since it was blackstrap, and quite a bit of corn syrup, added the peppers and cooked it until the peppers were getting a little transparent, like they were candied.

I strained it into a jar.

Great. Ok, now I have a mayo jar full of a dark golden clear syrup that is so brightly, clearly, hot you don't notice the sweetness really, but also has a great flavor. But it is mighty hot.

Any ideas what I should do with this strange bounty? I made a little dipping sauce with P.B. and soy and ginger, that was nice, but gee, that took a 1/4 tsp.

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