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Why does there seem to be such hostility to low-carb?


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Why does there seem to be such hostility to low-carb?

Candy | Jan 31, 2006 07:46 PM

Hardly anyone gives the vegetarians,vegans,diabetic, or low fat posters a hard time about their meal/life styles. Why the hostility to low-carbers? I was just wondering because there was a post on Home Cooking and someone suggested that the cook just ignore the low carb life style and feed them something they would prefer not to eat and suggested that they go burn off the the carbs with exercise over the weekend.

I am asking because excess carbs are something I try to avoid, most carbs leave me feeling bloated and gassy. It is unpleasant. We used to follow a low fat plan and continued to gain weight. Our MD suggested low carb and not only have we lost weight and are about where we should be but our blood pressure and cholesterol has been significantly lowered. Why would someone suggest feeding something to someone with no alternative choices that makes them feel unwell?

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