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How horrible/helpful would it be to warn a restaurant in advance

Isolda | Apr 11, 201211:32 AM

about the usual behavior of one of our guests? I know this is a weird question, but my MIL is coming to visit for a week and insists that we all take her out to celebrate her birthday. Let's just say she invariably behaves very badly in restaurants (not going into details here, but it usually involves demanding tirades, racist remarks, very memorable meltdowns, etc.). When they lived nearby, we would only eat out with her in places where we did not expect to eat again and would tip really well if she said or did something offensive.

Do you think it would be at all useful to let the restaurant know when I make the reservation that one of our guests is a bit crazy (she does actually have a personality disorder) and to please seat us in a fairly private area and give us a very patient, thick-skinned server?

I've never done anything remotely like this, but I am dreading the whole thing so much! If you were a server would this be helpful to you or would it cause you to not want to serve us? The rest of our party of 6 is very civilized and polite.

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