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Hong Kong Luk Yu Tea House - Old Time Vintage Dim Sum and Traditional Classic Cantonese dishes.


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Hong Kong Luk Yu Tea House - Old Time Vintage Dim Sum and Traditional Classic Cantonese dishes.

Charles Yu | Mar 26, 2013 02:34 AM

My wife and I were treated to lunch at the iconic Luk Yu Tea House for lunch by her long time girl friend, whose family happened to be part owner of this famous establishment!
As expected, service was out of the way attentive, which, for most other patrons, except regulars, are a rarity!! Apart from a few pre-arranged dishes, the dim sums, we ordered a la carte.

For Dim Sums we had:
- Har Gow
- Pig's liver Shui Mai
- Yellowing chives ' Harm Sui Gok '
- Chinese ham and minced Dace Fun Gor
- Osmanthus flavoured water chestnt jello pudding
- Red Bean Jello Roll
- Seasame coated chewy doughnut with chestnut filling.

For the pre-ordered dishes we had:
- 'West Lake' Minced Beef and Cilantro Chowder
- Luk Yu's house special Sweet and Sour Pork
- 'Head to tail' stirred fry Pigeon meat and giblets with sliced honey
roasted Chinese Yuan Nan Ham
- Stirred fry shredded sharksfin with egg white and crab meat.

As expected, the Dim Sums, unlike the current modern 'dainty' trend were 'rough with an edge'. However, the flavours were there. The pig's liver Shui Mai was a rarity in this ' health conscious' society. The Dace and ham Fun Gor was a first for me.

It has been years since I last tasted those authentic Classic Cantonese dishes. The pigeons were particularly good with great wok-hay flavour. The honey roasted ham added a nice touch and was very addictive! As expected, the rather bland tasting shredded sharks fin was more of a textural play.

All in all, an enjoyable lunch featuring dishes that are quickly disappearing before our eyes due to the vanishing of the chefs and their lost skills!

One last word, the gorgeous vintage ' Po Lay ' Chinese tea was ' Wow!!!! '

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