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"Honey, I've Shrunk the Bills" by Jack Weber - Opinions needed


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"Honey, I've Shrunk the Bills" by Jack Weber - Opinions needed

bunnyr | Jan 1, 2003 11:46 PM

I just got back from a vacation, and for a gift received a book titled "Honey, I've shrunk the bills" by Jack Weber which was published in the year 2000.

I couldn't wait to get to the Chowhound, because there's two sections of the book of interest:

Section 10: "Eat Out for Less"
Section 13: "Secrets of the Supermarket"

Before I actually follow through on some of the book's suggestions, I thought I should ask the people on this board what they think first. I'm only including some of Mr. Weber's suggestions that I'm reluctant to follow.

Here we go....

1.) "In 9 our of 10 establishments, alcoholic beverages, appetizers and desserts are overpriced. Ask for ice water with a wedge of lemon and pass on the dessert and coffee".
2.) "Ethnic restaurants are your best choice to generally get the best value for your money".
3.) "Don't ever be afraid to share...A single entrée in many restaurants is now more than enough to satisfy two hungry eaters. Don't be shy or embarrassed to ask for an extra plate".
4.) "Crowds are also a good indicator. If a place always seems busy, chances are something good is happening inside."
5.) "Waiters and waitresses work hard for their money. A standard tip is 15% of your bill, no more or less".
6.) "Buy generic canned goods. While national brands may be more uniform in size, shape and color, they taste the same and do not merit higher prices".
7.) (Same as 6, but with cold cereals in boxes.)
8.) "Don't be fooled by brand name chicken marketing claims. Branded chicken costs more per pound, yet there are few if any differences in quality that would justify the higher price."
9.) "Forget brown eggs. They are identical to white eggs in taste but are often priced higher".
10.) "Brand-name hot dogs are more than double the price of generics or store brands... enjoy comparable quality for a lot less money".
11.) "Always buy orange, grapefruit or apple juice in frozen concentrate.... Juice in cartons or glass containers are up to twice as expensive, and the quality is generally no better."
12.) "Dry pasta tastes as good or better than fresh pasta and costs 1/3rd less per serving. Buy the least expensive brands - experts find little difference in taste or quality."
13.) "Buy the cheapest brands of rice. Rice is generic".

He also names the following products you should buy generically:
Green beans, Mayonnaise, Corn Oil, Tomato Sauce, Bologna, Cheddar Cheese blocks, and Oatmeal (generic vs. Quaker)

I look forward to your comments.




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