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Homemade chicken stock--fat-skimming problems


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Homemade chicken stock--fat-skimming problems

Sarah W-R | Dec 9, 2004 10:07 AM

I made my own chicken stock for the first time yesterday, using several roasted-chicken carcasses that I had been collecting in the freezer, and following the instructions in *Joy*.

Had a blast; felt like a real cook; and the resulting stuff looks and smells wonderful, but it is also obviously very greasy.

I chilled it overnight and this morning I tried to scoop the fat off the top with paper towels and a tea strainer; got a lot of it, but the remaining stock is still cloudy and visibly glistening with fat. What can I do? Should I put it back on the stove and boil it, skim some more, then chill it again? Buy an extra-large gravy separator and try to separate it in batches?

Or are there uses for fatty stock? *Joy* says that a good stock should be very lean, but does it make a difference for the uses I want to put it to--e.g., in risotto, in couscous, etc?


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