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Why does my home-made whipped cream for salted caramel pie taste horrible?


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Why does my home-made whipped cream for salted caramel pie taste horrible?

certifiedhumane | Oct 20, 2011 04:38 PM

Hey guys new here. I am following the recipe for a "salted caramel pie" that was in the food and wine nov 2011 magazine. It looked really good so I thought I'd give it a try. Basically at the very end they have you whip cream, 2 cups, with 2 tablespoons confectioners sugar. Can I say EWWWWW!!!
I dont know what happened.
I am using 2 cups of Organic Pastures raw cream that I have boiled for maybe 5 minutes. So you don't start screaming at me, basically I am really passionate about certified humane animal products, the only thing I care about is how the animal is treated, I actually don't mind raw dairy but prefer the taste of it cooked.
So to continue, after cooking the cream I stuck it in fridge overnight, whipped it with the 2tablespoons sugar and couldn't even lick the spoon. I gagged. It tastes like something I can't put my finger on; not good at all. So then I figured oh well all I have to do is add more sugar so I added more confectioners sugar and kept whipping and it just kept turning more disgusting and more disgusting..

Is there something wrong here? I would like to make whipped cream that tastes like the whipped cream that comes in those aerosol cans, you know the typical whipped cream flavor?? I definitely like things sweet. Can someone help me out here?
I am looking for the best sweetest similar to aerosol cans whipped cream recipe.. Can you help me out? It would be greatly appreciated, thank you and have a good day :)

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