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Holidays--food, family, point?


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Holidays--food, family, point?

Bunny-Bunny | Nov 2, 2005 02:58 PM

So part of the thread below on going out for Thanksgiving, the part that veered onto discussin not enjoying company or having to make lots of dishes you don't like, got me questioning something. Why do people do it then?

I grew up with a mother who felt obligated to make everything that the 20+ family members wanted for Thanksgiving, including several things she didn't like. She hated the holidays as a result. After I grew up and started hosting my own holidays, my rule was always, I cook what I want in my house. If you want something else, you're welcome to bring it, but Thanksgiving dinner should be primarily a fun time for everyone coming to enjoy the day and be happy about what they have. So...I don't like candied yams. I have never made them and never will. If someone really wants them, well, they can bring them. No problem. I've had years where i didn't do turkey at all because I didn't have the time to cook one after getting home from the soup kitchen or something like that. So we had sqash ravioli.

I guess my point is, why not just make what you want and then let everyone bring what they like or enjoy what you made? If they don't enjoy my company in the absence of turkey and stuffing, then, well, then I guess I figure it's their loss and they're just missing the point of the holiday.

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