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Holiday triumphs/disasters

AimeeP | Jan 3, 2005 10:12 AM

So who made a terrific dish or a terrible one over the holidays?

For New Years Eve I was elected to do the fish - both fried and baked.

My extended family has pretty basic tastes so for the baked I layered Orange Roughy with thin slices of tomatoes, onions, and lemons added capers and some salt and pepper.

For the fried fish I made a basic beer batter and opted to fry outside (10 lbs of fish) to avoid making the house smell for days. The first batch of fried fish lost all of it's batter so I waited until the oil was hotter. The rest of the fish worked out quiet well and I warmed it in the oven on parchment paper.

The only problem was that with the cold air outside and the constant temperature fluctuations I think the oil (which was new peanut oil) became rancid by the end of the frying process - which made me feel like I never wanted to smell fish again.

I gathered up all of the food and brought it to my sister house where I avoided the kitchen and fish smell. There wasn't enough space in the oven for the baked fish so I told her to go ahead and cook it in the microwave. When all was ready I noticed some puzzled looks on the people who tried the baked fish. Apparently my sister's new convection microwave was on the wrong setting and although the fish was not overdone, it wasn't flaky like white fish should be. By the end of the dinner all of the fried fish was gone and the baked remained virtually untouched - even as a take home leftover. (My family is typically a bunch of vultures when it comes to leftovers)

Next year I'll let someone else handle the traditional Christmas Eve fish.

I had much better luck with the New Years Day dinner. My husband made his 'famous' turkey mole while I was left to the side dishes. I made a guacamole and a chick pea, lentil, hominy stew. The latter turned out to be very good but filling enough to be a meal on it's own. Tonight I'll cook up the leftovers and throw in some lime black bean chicken sausage.

What were your winners/losers?

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