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Holiday Food Traditions?


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Holiday Food Traditions?

Paulette | Nov 7, 2002 05:36 PM

The discussion about Christmas Eve dinner has me curious about other people's holiday dining traditions. What does your family always do the same every year?

For us on Thanksgiving, my grandmother always makes this Polish stuffing (can't spell it, but its pronounced sort of like negenya) with sausage in. (She's one of the non-Italians in the family). Then there is the usual turkey, the regular bread stuffing, etc, and pumpkin or apple pie and cheesecake for dessert.

For Christmas Eve, as I said, fish, and plenty of it. And we have a Polish tradition where we break this thin bread that resembles long rectangles of the communion wafer at church and toast each other.

Christmas morning we have ham, keilbasa, pierogis, and pickled beets.

Christmas dinner is always lasagne. And for some reason, before dinner, there are always brandy alexanders. Nuts and cheesecake for dessert.

New Year's Eve, surf and turf for dinner. Boiled shrimp at midnight (so says the tradition that shrimp is brain food so it will make you smart for the new year).

New Year's Day dinner is usually a fresh ham.

And of course, for all the myriad visitors during the week around the holidays, we've got truckloads of christmas cookies (for us, that means chocolate chip, reginas, fudge, ruggeleh, struffoli, and cruischiki--another Polish one I can't spell--that my mom stays up in to the middle of the night making). Everyone goes home with a plate of them wrapped in red saran wrap.

So what are the dictates for everyone else's diets during the holidays?

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