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Why is it such hit or miss with Casertas?


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Why is it such hit or miss with Casertas?

no0b | Dec 15, 2008 08:10 AM

I just went there for the first time in a while. Now I remember why I quit going! It's hit or miss with the pizza. It's made differently each time and my pizza is pretty simple..cheese, pepperoni and black olives.

Sometimes there's so much sauce it's got little tomato things on the top.
Sometimes the top is dusted with herbs..basil?
Sometimes there's either too much cheese or not enough..
I've had pizza with a hair in it twice before and another time there was a piece of fuz in it. Getting hair in something once would turn most people off for life, but I justified it by going at different times thinking there was different cooks. LOL

Sunday, I went because I was craving that sauce tangy-ness that only Caserta's sauce could cure. Wow was I disapointed!! There was little to NO sauce on the thing! Very thick layer of cheese though. I peeled the cheese off a few slices and there was such a thin line of sauce you could barely taste it. It looked like they just stuck a brush in the sauce and gave the dough a quick swipe/swirl. The dough was also UNDERCOOKED. I think this pizza has to have been the worst one I've gotten there. I even went during a slow time, there were no lines and only 2 other cars in the parking lot and they were inside eating. So what the heck was the problem?

For a place that has been around so long, has so much history and is still doing a good business you would think they'd be more picky about who they hire to make pizza and how they train them. I think most people just go to this place out of tradition and because they grew up on it and are easily satisfied. I can't be satisfied with a pizza that comes out way different each time I order it. I don't like Dominoes but even they have consistency

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