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"Highbrow" vs. "Lowbrow"

madgreek | Mar 3, 2008 04:03 AM

After spending time at my 84 year old yia-yia's (grandmother's) birthday party yesterday, I started thinking along these lines. She requested donuts and hot dogs for her party, and I thought it was interesting, because some of my relatives arent at all interested in these types of food, while others can't get enough of them.

So, all other factors being equal (i.e. the "best" example of the designated food is to be eaten), are you more of the "chips and dip" type or the "caviar and creme fraiche" type? I realize how subjective this is, that there are many different reasons why, and that there are many different interpretations of these two designations, but that's part of the fun of asking the question! So which will it be? I realize that we all experience at least a bit of both at times, but remember, the question is which way you lean toward the most, and the above examples of food are of course not to be addressed literally (e.g. "I like chips and dip better").

Oh, me? Well, I think I'm on the "lowbrow" end. I definitely love to experience "common" food more. As my income increases, though, so does my penchant for the "finer" things (as I am sure is commonly the case).

On a side note, the secretary here at work says that she won't eat beef unless it's tenderloin meat. I find this very interesting, and it says a lot about her as a person (not that her opinion is necessarily bad).

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