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Things "hidden" in traditional celebratory foods?

ipsedixit | Dec 17, 201112:05 PM

Not talking about sneaking in some vegetables in the Mac N Cheese, or the like.

Rather, I am asking about things that are traditionally "hidden" in a food so that the person who is lucky enough to find it or eat it is deemed lucky or extra fortuitous?

For example, during Chinese New Year we will often make dumplings (hundreds at a time), and my mom would generally stick a penny in one or make one loaded with sugar. The person who ends up eating the dumpling with the hidden penny or sugar is supposed to have extra luck in the new year.

Similarly, I understand that the french hide a bean in La Galette des Rois (aka King's Cake) so that the person who eats the pastry with the bean is crowned King for the day.

What other traditions are there along these lines?

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