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Heritage turkey update


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Heritage turkey update

Faren | Nov 29, 2002 10:25 AM

Well, the heritage turkey was cooked (a red bourbon) and here's my result. I brined the turkey overnight (just a simple basic brine) and in the morning covered it in yogurt for a few hours. Then dried it off sprinkled it with paprika and some black pepper, covered it in a lot of fresh thyme and rosemary (just laid the herb on its stalks over the turkey) and roasted it at 350 degrees until it was 150 degrees and turned up the heat until done. (For those who followed the pre-t-day discussion you can see I combined a lot of advice that appeared on this board)The skin was crisp and the meat juicy. The family agreed it was the tastiet turkey ever and worth the price. The meat was sweet and had a slightly smoky quality. The bird was just under 16 pounds and fed 10 of us with only a little left over. Enough for a few sandwiches and to make soup. I noticed that the skin turned dark very fast, so I kept the bird covered in tinfoil and basted often. I was surprised that despite the fact that the skin looked burnt it was delicious and did not taste burnt at all (don't know how to explain that). All in all it was an incredibly good turkey and did not require additives, fanciness etc to get a tasty meal and we all decided to buy another one for next year.

So, for those who also tried the heritage turkey, let us know your experience.

Best to you all!!!!

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