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Heritage Turkey - advice, thoughts??


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Heritage Turkey - advice, thoughts??

Faren | Nov 11, 2002 06:07 PM

Last year the NYT had an articles about turkies. Basically it said that the turkies (even the organic) we all consume every Thanksgiving have been essentially bred to have huge white meat breasts and are pale, flavorless imitations of what the American turkey was even 50 years ago - hence the reason for brining and all the other flavor enhancing things we do to these poor birds.The article then went on to talk about "heritage" turkies. These are turkies that are direct decendants of the "real" thing. The article also included a list of breeders and how to order. So,my sister and I have ordered one (not inexpensive mind you). Now the question. Have any of you tried one? Is there something special to bear in mind for cooking these? Was it any good or very different in flavor?
I'll report back after T-Day as to how it tasted!

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