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Hell's Kitchen 3/27 spoilers

Firegoat | Mar 28, 201407:52 AM

Another completely worthless throw away of a show. Still too much cannon fodder to figure out who the real chefs are.
The challenge is to go outside in a pen of farm animals and dig up potatoes. (boys win) then go inside and everyone cooks a potato dish. The best five dishes from each side compete. Simone, who they've shown in numerous previews as having crazy eyes is doing the crazy eye thing and basically acting like a complete mental case. Despite her, the girls win and get to go on a boat with John Phillipe. The boys get to wash all the farm animals. (I'm not really sure why.)
Going into service, Roshelle is sick (sounds like bronchitis) Simone also decides to be sick. Numerous people complain she is faking to avoid work. DeMarco on the guy's side cuts his finger enough he has to go to the hospital. Service goes about how you would expect with both sides getting thrown out of the kitchen. There are a few people who actually appear to be able to cook. A few. Chef has each side nominate 3 for elimination. Chef pulls out Simone, Demarco and Mike maybe? to give him their jackets. Simone offers to go home and Ramsay kicks her to the curb. Absolutely sure she had to be a plant. I think Mike will be the next plant to go. The rest might.... MIGHT be actually contestants.

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