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&@#*!! - OR - How the heck do I clean my enameled grill pan?


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&@#*!! - OR - How the heck do I clean my enameled grill pan?

litchick | Feb 2, 2007 11:35 AM

Hi smart hounds,

I recently acquired a very nice, heavy, high quality, enameled cast iron grill pan. I used it to grill some tofu slices, to lovely and tasty effect. But here's my question: how the heck do you clean this thing? It seemed the only trick that made a dent in the gunk between the grill ridges was steel wool, but will that harm the finish? I have a regular cast iron grill pan as well, and thought cleaning the enameled version would be easier. Not sucha mucha. The only benefit to the enameled version seems to be that I can *see* the burnt on gunk more clearly (hm, maybe that isn't a benefit). Anyhow, any advice for cleaning my grill pan, without damaging the enamel, would be welcome. I know someone out there must have a super-secret trick that does the job.

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